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Startup Engine is run by Paul Towers, a 3 x Entrepreneur and passionate supporter of the Australia Startup Ecosystem.

I consult to Startups on a wide range of topics including:

  • Validating your startup idea
  • Creating initial marketing and user acquisition campaigns
  • Providing feedback and optimising pitch decks/pitches to investors
  • Creating road maps to get to MVP and beyond
  • Analysing and identify Monetization strategies
  • Identifying appropriate cofounders, team members and advisors to bring on board

You can learn more about me on my personal website.

Why Free?

Why is Startup Engine free? Because I enjoy working with other motivated people and assisting with the creation and birth of new ideas. When I say free, I mean FREE. There are no hidden charges.

If you are interested just contact me and we can have a chat! I am available for both short discussions and more comprehensive strategic conversations (outlined below).

What's Involved?

Typically the way I work is to hold a 30 to 60 minutes initial call with you/your founding team. During this call we discuss your idea/startup, the challenges you are facing and where you want to take your startup in the short, medium and long term.

I work with you to strategies on areas of importance, discuss launch and marketing strategies and share my honest advice and insight on what the road ahead may look like for you.

Following this I am happy to hold regular calls or stay in touch via email to help you wherever I can (all free).


I I am an Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney Business School where I mentor startups and student entrepreneurs as part of their Genesis Startup Program.

In addition to that I have advised/mentored/assisted over 30+ other startups and founders across Australia over the past 12 - 18 months. Some of these are outlined below:

"We recently engaged Paul to undertake a sense check of our website. I must say straight up that Paul is no amateur. His thoroughness, and candour provided us with an extremely valuable review which we have taken on board to implement the findings. Paul was very attentive to our requirements and provided a very professional consultation. I would have no hesitation in working with Paul again and I am glad to have the opportunity to provide this recommendation. I'm happy to be contacted further." - John Stericker


"Paul helped in refining the early execution plan and long-term vision for PlanMyMeal. He offered very practical and immediately actionable steps to improve upon our execution. With his prior experience in setting up successful digital and physical businesses he possesses the breadth and depth for advising an early-stage startup. Paul is great at explaining complex strategies at a level that startup novices would understand easily." - Harshit Sekhon


"Paul is an astute startup advisor who has advised me on my legal documents platform, DocuStream ( He provided me with some fantastic insights and advice for which I am most grateful for. Paul's deep understanding of the startup sector is extremely impressive and I would have no doubt in recommending Paul to anyone seeking advice on launching a startup in the Australian startup ecosystem." - Alan Arnott

Nothing To Wear (Concept)

"Paul provided insightful and timely advice during the idea formation and concept stage of my startup, Nothing to Wear. My most pressing issue was how to validate the idea and secure initial customers. As a non-technical founder the initial costs to just get started were beyond my budget. Paul provided a much simpler, straight forward approach that allowed me to validate the potential of my idea in a shorter period of time and at a much lower level of risk." - Johanna Harris

Whodini App

"We recently engaged Paul to look at our advertising campaign for the launch of our app “Whodini”. During an in-depth conversation with Paul he put together an effective marketing strategy to maximise the use of our budget, ensure we reached a highly targeted audience, and positioned our app for referral sign ups from new users. We are very grateful for Paul's advice on how to market the app, and on which users we should look to target through our Facebook and Instagram campaign. His knowledge and guidance proved to be extremely effective and I would highly recommend other Startups reach out to Paul for insight and advice on their own marketing campaigns." - Jason Silver

Excentricity Shoes

"Paul was a great help in getting my business plan polished for my startup, Excentricity Shoes. He reviewed my current business concept and provided a number of recommendations on validating the idea, early stage marketing and structuring proposals to potential partners. Working with Paul was very valuable and I will continue to use his recommendations to guide me and my startup as I move forward with its development. " - Warwick Donaldson

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me on 0403 806 298 or via email at

Alternatively you can fill out the form below and I will be in touch to arrange a time to discuss your startup and any questions you may have.